An ABC of Ecumenical Acronyms

Acronym Full Name
ACTS Action of Churches Together in Scotland
AIF Association of Inter-Church Families
ARCIC Anglican-Roman Catholic International Commission
BCC British Council of Churches (1942-1990)
BCCG Black Christian Concerns Group (CCBI and CTE)
BEM “Baptism, Eucharist and Ministry” -a report of ecumenical convergence from WCC Faith & Order Commission
Bossey Ecumenical training institute of WCC. a few miles from Geneva
BUGB Baptist Union of Great Britain
CACLB Churches Advisory Council for Local Broadcasting – pronounce Cacklebee (a Co-ordinating Group of CTE)
CAFOD Catholic Fund for Overseas Development
Called to be One Process exploring our understanding of unity within CTE Member Churches
CALM Christian Adult Learning Meeting
(a Co-ordinating Group of CTE)
CAP Churches Action on Poverty
CCBI Council of Churches of Britain & Ireland
(legal successor of BCC)
CCEE Council of European Bishops’ Conferences of the Roman Catholic Church
CCIFR Churches Committee on Inter Faith Relations
(a Commission of CCBI)
CCOM Churches Commission on Mission
(a Commission of CCBI)
CCRJ Churches Commission for Racial Justice
(a Commission of CCBI)
CCU Council for Christian Unity
(responsible to Church of England General Synod)
CCU Commission for Christian Unity (Roman Catholic)
CCWA Churches Community Work Alliance
(a Co-ordinating Group of CTE)
CEA Christian Enquiry Agency (an Agency of CTE)
CEC Conference of European Churches
CEM Christian Education Movement
CEN Churches Education Network
(a Co-ordinating group of CTE)
CEO County Ecumenical Officer
CFWM Conference for World Mission
CIM Churches Information for Mission
(harmonising churches’ computer-held data)
CJEPC Churches Joint Policy Education Committee
(a Co-ordinating Group of CTE)
CNHC Churches National Housing Coalition
CTBI Churches Together in Britain and Ireland
CTE Churches Together in England
CUF Church Urban Fund (Church of England)
CWME Commission on World Mission and Evangelism of the World Council of Churches
CYTUN Churches Together in Wales
DAWN 2000 Discipling A Whole Nation (or Discipling a Whole Neighbourhood) – a strategy for church planting
DEO Denominational Ecumenical Officer
DEO Diocesan Ecumenical Officer
English ARC Working Group for England relating to ARCIC
ECYS English Churches Youth Service (regular meeting of youth sections and Churches and Christian organisations – a Co-ordinating committee of CTE)
ENFYS Commission of Covenanted Churches in Wales
FCFC Free Church Federal Council
(now the Free Churches’ Council)
Fetter Lane: Agreement between Church of England and the Moravian Church in Great Britain and Ireland : (The Agreement was approved by both General Synod and Moravians in July 1996, and was signed Nov 1998)
GLU Group for Local Unity (a Co-ordinating Group of CTE)
GOSE Government Office for the South East.  This represents Central Government in the South East and works to influence and develop government programmes and initiatives at a regional and local level.   GOSE achieves this through sponsorship and support of SEEDA and by working with partners in voluntary, private and public sectors including the Regional Assembly (SEERA)
INDEM Group for Mission in Industry and the Economy
(a Co-ordinating Group of CTE)
ISE Irish School of Ecumenics (based in Dublin)
JCYS Joint Churches Youth Service (co-ordinating denominational youth work in England)
JLG Joint Liturgical Group
JPIC Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Creation (initially a WCC programme but now a widely used shorthand for this group of social responsibility concerns)
Jubilee 2000 Campaign endorsed by Christian Aid, CAFOD and Tear Fund for Third World Debt Remission
LAG Local Advisory Group (small group appointed by Sponsoring Body to advise an LEP)
LEP Local Ecumenical Partnership (formerly Local Ecumenical Project)
Leuenberg Agreement between Lutheran & Reformed Churches in Germany
Lund Principle Churches ought to act together in all matters except those in which deep differences of conviction compel them to act separately
MAP Media Awareness Project
MAP Mission Alongside the Poor (Methodist equivalent to Church Urban Fund)
Meissen Agreement between Church of England & German Lutheran Churches
MTSG Ministerial Training Strategy Group (CBI Network)
NACCAN National Association of Christian Communities & Networks
Opps for Vols Opportunities for Volunteering (an Agency of CTE)
OWW One World Week
Porvoo Common Statement of Anglican Churches in Britain & Ireland and Baltic & Scandinavian Lutheran Churches
Santiago WCC Faith & Order Conference venue 1993
SCUP Standing Conference for Unity in Prayer (related to CCBI)
SEEDA South East England Development Authority
SEERA South East England Regional Assembly.  Formed in January 1999, SEERA is the REgional Assembly designated as the regional chamber for the South East.  It has 111 members, two-thirds of them elected councillors nominated by all of the region’s seventy-four authorities, three representatives of town and parish councils and the balance from social and economic partners, including business, trade unions, the voluntary sector and education.
SEITE South East Institute for Theological Education
SRB Single Regeneration Budget (the major government funding programme for cities)
Declaration to move from co-operation to commitment, Sept 1987 – basis for the new ecumenical instruments
TUG Theology and Unity Group
(a Co-ordinating Group of CTE)
URC United Reformed Church
WCC World Council of Churches
WDM World Development Movement
WICC Women’s Inter-Church Council (network of women’s groups in the churches)