Representatives of Churches to a Churches Together: For use in Meetings of their own church

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The following is adapted from material from West Yorkshire Ecumenical Council.
We hope you will find it useful.

Starting a Meeting

Before a meeting think about …

  • How will what we discuss affect other churches in our neighbourhood?
  • What information or requests have we received from them?
  • What can we learn from them about the items on our agenda?
  • In conscience, what can’t we do with them?


Lord, help me
To respect the sincerely held beliefs of others,
as I hope mine will be respected by them;
To consider the impact on other local
denominations of Church and PCC decisions;
To have the grace to accept other people’s
rights to hold differing individual views

Father, we seek the guidance of your Holy Spirit
in the business that is before us.
In planning for the future, give us vision;
In matters of finance, give us responsibility;
In dealing with people , give us love;
Help us, and all Christians, whatever their settings and circumstances, in all things to honour your name, to advance your kingdom, and to carry out your will. Amen.

Closing a Meeting

After a meeting, think about:

  • What information should we pass to other churches in our neighbourhood?
  • What help do we need form them?
  • What have we planned that we should do together, or could do better together?


Almighty God,
help us to be part of your one Church,
your Body here on earth today.
Prompt us to respond faithfully to your direction
as the only Head of your Church.
Improve the co-ordination between all members and limbs of your Body.
May our role as a member be more effective by working in harmony
with all other members, in all denominations, in all lands.
Build up your Church in the love and unity which is your nature,
Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen

Lord God, we thank you
for calling us into the company
of those who trust in Christ
and seek to obey his will.
May your Spirit guide and strengthen us
in mission and service to your world;
for we are strangers no longer
but pilgrims together on the way of your kingdom.