Film Distribution Secrets – How to Distribute Your Own Film – a Review of Stacey Parks’ Course

May 24, 2021 0 Comments

Coming up next is an audit of the course entitled FILM DISTRIBUTION SECRETS by Stacey Parks. Cost: $127.00

Sure you can make a film – yet can you SUCCESSFULLY SELL IT?

As a free movie producer myself, I know very well indeed how significant film dispersion is…

Tragically, the subject of film dissemination comes up VERY LATE in the film making measure. I know about numerous circumstances of producers who have aimlessly gone ahead with their tasks absolutely careless in regards to the real factors of the film market and benefit potential. Producers who went through huge amounts of cash and long stretches of their lives making their film just to be massively frustrated as they experienced the obvious truth of – DISTRIBUTION! They were in a real sense stunned and astonished to find reality with regards to what it truly was the purchasers were searching for and the dazzling dollar sums that were being offered for their film. Makers who had burned through $500,000 or MORE on their film were being offered $20,000 on the HIGH SIDE as a development on their film! Most movies were being offered nothing forthcoming!

So it was with extraordinary interest that I investigated Stacey Parks’ THE INSIDER’S GUIDE TO FILM DISTRIBUTION. Here was an individual who professed to share insider privileged insights and real factors of the business, and who was “going easy.” She comes from that world – the universe of arrangement making, film markets and socialize fests and has been engaged with the offer of many, numerous movies, both unfamiliar and homegrown.

I chose to arrange the course and discovered it to be certainly worth the cash. It is in a real sense a gold mine of data and definitely should be required perusing for each producer BEFORE they leave on making their film.

Would you like to realize what amount is reasonably conceivable to make on your film in the unfamiliar business sectors? Clue: It’s not close however much you think!

Do you realize what amount is being paid for films that are being communicated on link channels like The Sci-Fi Channel, TNT, TBS, and HDNet?

Do you believe it’s important to have “name” entertainers in your film?

Is the arrangement you shoot your film on significant? Would you be able to utilizeĀ digital cinema any old prosumer camcorder (HDV, MiniDV) and make deals as it were?

Do non mainstream comedies and dramatizations sell regulates?

These inquiries and a lot more are replied in Stacey Parks’ THE INSIDER’S GUIDE TO FILM DISTRIBUTION.

However, – what I found most valuable…was…


Believe it or not. THE LIST of BUYERS. The real individuals in the organizations that buy films alongside the entirety of their contact data – including their EMAIL ADDRESS. Unfamiliar region purchasers. Homegrown USA purchasers. It’s by and large present – and it’s a GOLDMINE.

The course additionally expounds on the best way to SELF-DISTRIBUTE your film. The universe of dispersion is changing, on account of the web, and it is presently conceivable to showcase your film online BY YOURSELF.

What’s more, if going it single-handedly isn’t some tea, Stacey shows you the means you need to take to discover a salesperson to help you in selling your film.

Primary concern: So would I suggest this course? Indeed, totally! Help yourself out and look at it. It will save you a colossal measure of time and exertion when it comes time to sell and appropriate your film.