Free Online Game Splatman Review

June 22, 2021 0 Comments

Tired of the old Pacman? Try the new and improved Splatman. Splatman, created by X-Pressive, takes the Pacman concept to a new level. Splatman has smaller levels, better graphics, and some really cool features.

Perhaps the best feature of Splatman is its level editor. You can edit any level of the game. You can move around the starting point of the Splatman. You can also change all the walls and graphics for the entire level. Having so much control over the game is unlike many flash games that add a fresh touch to this game.

You win by eating all the points on your way and clearing stage after stage. You have to be careful and avoid the evil ghosts. The coffee mug will give you “coffee power” and a hammer that will increase your power and allow you to eat the ghosts. Collect fruit for extra points. You have  99 seconds to finish the level before time runs out. However, the levels are very short, so 99 seconds should be more than enough.

X-Pressive did an amazing job with this game. This “fun” approach to Pacman beats any other company’s version of this game. In my opinion, there are three things that make this game unique. One is the coffee issue. The second is the fun little levels. Lastly, there is the level editor.

I would rate this game a 7/10. This game is a lot of fun and it doesn’t get boring. It doesn’t take long to learn the game and get used to the game.