Learn to Use the Address Bar in Firefox for Easier and Faster Browsing

May 25, 2022 0 Comments

Mozilla Firefox has some great built-in features that even long-time users might not be automatically aware of. Cool shortcuts and easy-to-use, customizable search options really make you feel like a pro with web browsing.

Existing Bookmark Keywords

Firefox has a few pre-programmed keywords already in place for users. If you go to the address bar and type any of the following, you 링크모음r search query will be run off of that particular engine.

Google – Goes to Google Search

Dict – Uses Dictionary.com

Wp – Wikipedia

Slang – Uses the online Urban Dictionary

Stocks – Uses Google’s stock search

These bookmark keywords make it so you no longer have to go to your address bar, type the URL and once you get to the search page, type your query in the blank. Now you can do it all from your homepage.

Smart Keys/Hot Keys

A smart keyword, also known as a hot key, is a bookmark with a specific keyword. You can create your own smart key using Firefox’s Bookmarks menu.

1) Go to Bookmarks and click “Manage Bookmarks.”

2) Open “Quick Searches” and click on an existing link.

3) Right click and select “New Bookmark.”

4) A pop-up window will open titled “Properties for ‘New Bookmark'”.

5) Say you want Yahoo! to be your default search, in the Name blank fill in the following: [y] Yahoo Search.

6) In the Location blank, copy and paste Yahoo Search’s URL.

7) For Keyword, type “y” without the quotes.

8) You can add your own description and then click OK.

Now when you type “y blah blah search” (your search query here), Firefox will grab Yahoo’s search results for “blah blah search” without you even having to go to Yahoo’s search site. This works the same for any search engine that you program a smart key [y] for.

Keyboard Shortcuts

A few useful keyboard shortcuts will make your Firefox experience even easier and less mouse-use-y.

Ctrl+L By pushing “Ctrl” and “L” together at the same time, your cursor automatically goes to the address bar and selects all of the text. That way if you start typing a new URL, a search term, a smart key etc. the existing text will be deleted and replaced with your new content.

Ctrl+K The command “Ctrl” and “K” will send your cursor in your web search box.

Ctrl+T This command will open a new Firefox tab for you.

Ctrl+N Hitting “Ctrl” and “N” together will open a new Firefox window.

Ctrl+D This command will automatically bookmark the current page for you.