Star Trek Online Guides – Are They Worth It?

April 16, 2022 0 Comments

If you’ve been following the news about Star Trek Online, the new MMO game by Cryptic, you surely came across about articles and reviews of STO guides. There’s only a couple of Star Trek guides available now but the number will surely increase as the game gets more players. The biggest question however is, are these STO guides worth your time and money?

First of all, let’s discuss if they are even needed. In my opinion the answer is yes, because Star Trek is unlike most other online games: it’s not set in a fantasy world with spells and swords but rather in the future where you’re a captain of a starship. Whether you’re a fan of the TV episodes and movies is not too relevant, you might know a thing or two about the story and the basic technology but for the most part the it’s a lot different in the game then in TV shows. Are disruptors better than phazors — you can’t know judging on the series.

In the game there’s a lot of new features which differentiate this game from others and one: levels are actually called ranks (and grades) and quests are called missions. Of the most prominent differences is leveling. There’s no experience points in Star Trek Online, it’s replaced by Skill situs slot Points, and you don’t gain ranks by doing missions but rather by using those very same skill points on your skills and abilities. Your character doesn’t have traditional spells either. There are several types of skills and abilities your character can use in combat, in addition to the abilities of your Bridge Officers, which are further categorized as ground combat and space combat.

As you can see all of this can be very confusing for new players and unfortunately simply logging in the game and seeing it for yourself doesn’t clarify much either. These Star Trek guides however explain all these game features such as leveling, skills, abilities, various equipment for both ships and Bridge Officers and more. If you’re confused about any of these and I’m sure you are, I recommend checking out some of these STO guides which will undoubtedly help you understand these features and teach you about the game. So to conclude, in my opinion not only are guides useful and definitely worth it, but also a necessity.