Yeast Diet Supplement – Some Newbie Questions About It

May 12, 2022 0 Comments

I received a letter from a new friend who is just started his yeast free diet. He is a little confused about how to get started. He wonders about whether he is going to take a yeast diet supplement or not. He is currently taking phentermine for appetite control, and he wants to know if I have any experience with that drug.

As for myself, I lived on phentermine and xenical for over a year. I have since learned that diet pills can negatively affect the thyroid. I remember the pharmacist asking me if my doctor knew I was on both synthroid and phentermine. When I said yes, he was the one who prescribed both. The pharmacist was alarmed and said that they shouldn’t be taken together.

I lost quite a bit with phentermine, at first, however it got to the point that it did nothing to control my appetite as I started gaining again. Basically, I was continuing with it only for the “energy.” It was hard coming off of the stuff, but I feel better now than ever. Now that I’m on the anti-Candida diet and supplements. By the way, I managed to lose about 10lbs within a month on this protocol, despite the fact that I was taking no otc phentermine alternatives appetite suppressants nor any thyroid meds.

As far as supplements: in a nutshell you should be taking multivitamins and minerals, probiotics, digestive enzymes, and antifungals. There are lots of other things you can take in addition, but these listed are a good starting point. It depends a lot on your particular problems and symptoms. I have the constipation form of IBS, so I take herbs that contain fiber as well as herbs that help keep me moving.

I also have fibromyalgia, so I take extra magnesium and malic acid. I was tested and found to have high amounts of the bacteria citrobacter freundii. That’s why I am taking colostrum. As you can see, it can get kind of confusing. Keep it simple at first, and take the necessities.